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The iPhone’s premium news provider for the international fish industry

  •  Breaking industry and futures market news
  •  Exclusive international content
  •  Event information from around the world
  •  Easy to use
  •  Offline Access
  •  Search Stored Articles
  •  Integrated events calendar
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All the latest fish news and insight as it appears

To celebrate the launch of, 5m, the publishing company behind the internationally recognised, has developed the free TheFishSite App.

Now you can get the latest international fish news, in-depth feature articles, event details and more delivered direct to your mobile device.

Keep informed

Our leading fish news desk provides easy and essential access to the global events that affect your business and industry.

Offline availability means access to news where ever you are.
When you open the TheFishSite App it automatically downloads and stores new items. Meaning you can read them at your convenience, not for example, only when you have a mobile or wifi signal.

Exclusive industry content

Our editorial team provides real-time industry coverage of not only events, but key government reports and market commentary and analysis.

News Desk View

Items appear as they are published. You can choose to view as a continuous stream or category filtered.

Fast and simple

TheFishSite App has been designed with the user in mind – a single view interface keeps focus on the content. You can easily see what’s new, what you’ve read and what you’ve added to your favourites.


Favourite articles for a swift return and to save indefinitely. For example an annual performance report or a company profile.

Events integration with your iPhone calendar

Favourite events and they will automatically be made visible on your calendar. This means you’ll also receive associated calendar notifications outside TheFishSite App.

International Settings

Customise your news subscription by territory or for a total view get news from across the globe.

More item categories and features to come.

Thanks to all for their contribution and continued support —